staging boosts your list price


Readying a home to sell is a big project.  What needs to be done?  What should I do with all this stuff?  How do I make this home ready?   Just Call Margy Staging offers homeowners the assistance and guidance that is needed to make moving a smooth transition, as well as, bring a better price for thier home.    


Staging First - Thousands of dollars can be added to the list price.

Staging before listing and doing it well can add thousands of dollars to the listing price of your home.  The investment you decide to make in staging your home is an investment with a great return.  We specialize in initially using existing furniture and accessories to keep costs down!  As much or as little staging work can be done, the choice is yours.


Options - Our plan is your plan.

1) Staging your entire home including de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and minimizing.

2) Hiring Just Call Margy to Stage the home while you do the de-cluttering and prepacking.

3) Using "only what you have" for Staging. 

4) Renting updated furniture and accessories from Just Call Margy or local furniture vendors.

5) Purchasing a Consultation for Priorities Only to complete staging in the main areas

6) DIY Complete Consultation for those who want to do all the work themselves

7) Purchasing Staging in blocks of hours

8) Open House Ready 


Staging Consultation - Get a Full List of What Needs to Be Done

If you are inclined to stage the property yourself and simply want advice, our consultation is your best bet. We will meet with you and review your home inside and out.  A report is prepared to include all aspects of interior and exterior items that need to be done to bring TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR PROPERTY. Focusing on items that need to be packed and stored, repairs, painting and cosmetic changes that would bring additional value to the home.  A proposal for Just Call Margy to complete the work will be offered too.


Vacant Home Staging

Furnishing a home or a room, with minimal but beautiful furnishings, enables the buyer to get a better idea of how a room can be used and see its full potential.  Furniture rentals will be necessary either from Just Call Margy or local dealers. 


Occupied Home Staging - Don't Miss the Boat!

Just Call Margy knows how to get the desired response, namely, creating the magic that gets the buyer to stop a moment and imagine living in the space.  Missing this step is missing the boat.  Showcasing adds the WOW that helps the buyer connect emotionally to the home, to see the home they are looking for and make an offer. Whether we stage to 100%, pack and store, rearrange, just calling Margy is your solution.


Staging for Real Estate Agents - Increase the Homes Price, Staging Adds Value

Our services are very affordable and reflect the Fox Cities conservative spending mindset. We offer a one-hour consult that Realtors often pay for, giving the homeowner a "To Do List" for the main areas of the home to be dealt with.  Homeowners often pay the extra to purchase the complete consultation.  The 3-hour Quick Staging package for $150 is something anyone can afford and will make a significant impact.


Stand out from hundreds of Real Estate Agents by providing staging to your sellers.  This is a nationwide trend.  Investing in staging, even a few hundred dollars is swallowed up in the ability to ask a better price on a house that is EASY ON THE EYES!  Sellers rely on their agent to help them realize their goals and Staging is the best way to ensure that happens. As you know staged listings attract more buyers.











In a recent survey of 2000 realtors it was found that home staging typically brings 586% return on investment.  


Sellers who spent $500 on staging recovered over 343%

of the cost when it sold.

Staging creates



that translate into 


"We have to make an offer before its gone."




  • attracts more buyers

  • brings a better listing price

  • showcases homes best features

  • avoids price reductions

  • "Gets it done!"

  • make transformations in a day