"after our first open house, we had a contingent offer"


Christopher - Unpacking for a Move

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.  I am a lot further unpacking than if I had done it on my own. 


Joni - Shopping and Redesign

"What a blessing this week has been!  It has done wonders for the house and for me.  Thank you for using your God-given talents to touch this "castle" and me!"


Jon & Michelle - Staging

Margy did a wonderful job staging our home for selling. We found that it was important to have someone with expertise and "fresh eyes" go through our home room by room, make suggestions and then have the freedom to add, subtract and make changes.  We trusted her experience and buyer's eye, and after our first open house, we have a contingent offer on our home! A hopeful and great start-we appreciate Margy's time and attention to detail. in getting us, and our home, ready for this next life adventure.


Joanne - Organizing

Just Ask Margy RESCUED me after we sold our house and it dawned on me I would have to fit fifteen years of accumulated "things" into a townhome. My four boys had enough jerseys, balls, bats, and trophies to furnish a pro shop.  Margy did her magic; items quickly sorted, stored and labeled. It became manageable, first the basement, kitchen and garage in amazingly short order. She was confident so I was too. Moving day came and I was ready. 


Suzanne - Shopping and Redesign of my Living Room

My aging mother-in-law was moving in and I was OVERWHELMED.  Margy helped me pick out furniture and accessories!  She helped me discover my style and reconfigure our home with precision as we needed to add another bedroom. An incredibly hard worker she does not stop until the job is done.  Margy found two consignment lamps ever watching the budget.  She has a clear picture of what is needed and an incredible knack at this work.  


Suzanne - Staging and Shopping

Margy staged the condo we sold for my mother-in-law.  She choose flooring, paint colors, countertop and light fixtures.  She walked me through the staging process by texting, advising on what to buy.  The condo sold in less than a month saving me from  those weekly open houses.  


Lindsay - Organizing

“Going slowly after bursts of active slogging through this stuff with you at the helm is what I need.  It is transition time and to put this in layers of cleaning and sorting, saying goodbye in order to say hello is a part of this process.  I would not have embarked on this without your offer of help. It is both ....emotional/a little physical... work, and fun (sort of in a good nostalgic sense-along with tiny bits of grieving) in the way of putting things where they are accessible.”