staging helps sell for the best possible price


Our staging services and consultations are priced specifically for the Fox Cities.  One hour consults are available to engage the homeowner in the staging process.  Stand out from hundreds of Real Estate Agents in our area by providing staging to your sellers (a nationwide trend).  Sellers rely on their agent to help them realize their goals and Staging is the best way to ensure that happens.  Our 3-hour staging package at $150 is a great start and can accomplish a lot in the main areas of the home.  


Staged listings are sought out by todays savvy, young buyers.  Make yours stand out from the competition!


  • Beautifully staged homes sell faster and often for more money  

  • We make a home look so amazing that buyers are quickly convinced

  • It is all about getting noticed on the internet with great photos

  • Satisfied and happy customers equal great marketing 

  • Staged properties attract more potential buyers to a home

  • Sellers are happy at the efficiency of the move

  • Pre-packing, de-cluttering, means a sweeter move

  • A faster sale equals less stress with fewer open houses to prepare


Staging makes a house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer,

more loving and, best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it. 

That is the real objective?